The moment landholders put an agreement on a cell tower tenancy contract with the mobile phone firm they are permitted to receive a certain monthly sum from the later in return for the consent. However, if not optimally discovered and negotiated, the landholder may not receive as much from the chance as he justifies and thus loses out in the overall returns.


A number if the property holders mistakenly judge the procedure as being an easy one and handle it as a DIY project or at the most seek guidance from a lawyer who in most cases knows nothing about the operations of a cellular organization. Other errors include underestimating the worth of the property, not preserving appropriate records, failure to carry out an audit and prolonging their contract out of illiteracy or fear or both. This ultimately works in favor of the cell phone firm as they are in a position to procure the lease at much lower cell tower lease rates than the real value.


In such a case, contracting a cell tower advisor could be evidence to the answer to the issue as these specialists possess the required educational background as well as experience to deal with the agreement. Being skilled in this sector, they are in a perfect position to access an excellent deal which would work for the owner in every manner.


Once leased, the advisor acts as a barrier between the asset owner and the cellular giant where not only will they prevent the firm from harassing the owner but will as well screen the details for an accuracy of the agreement is upheld.


Having been in the organization for quite some time and dealt with some cell tower contracts in that period, a consultant is well versed about the sector and thus is better armed in defining the course of action at any given time. Over a period, they promote their contacts in the industry which provide them with the current details as well the required services. Know more facts about cell towers at



David Espinosa Cell Tower Consultant can be expected to maintain the privacy of the deal, and since they are not the holders, they can be relied upon to take practical decisions as well. They can be entrusted with all the form-filling how much ever huge it may be as long as it relates to the agreement. With their expertise, they are in a position to deal with all the gaps and elude exclusions which otherwise would have had long-term effects. Unquestioning a recognized advisor with the cell tower leasing is worth the trouble as the outcomes are remarkable for some years.