A cell tower is a cellular telephone site where antenae and other electric equipment are placed on a raised utility. Masts and tall buildings could hold cell towers as they have the height advantage with them.Cell tower lease rates vary from one state to another and from one country to another. It will all depend on the prevailing laws and restrictions. To determine in how much to charge for a cell tower, the overall cost incurred in the process of making one is determined first.


Cell tower lease and buyout agreements at are special in nature because they are not like the ordinary house and rental agreements. These agreements are required to be presented by the tenant to the landlord and not vice versa. It is very imporant that before signing the lease contract, that the landlord ensures he have seen and examied it carefully and into details with the help of a qualified lawyer. Leasing the correct size of land is very important. Some tenants will include in the lease agreement huge chunks of land that they will not require to lease out as the cell tower requires a few hundred square feet in area.


It is much advisable for a landlord to make sound decisions when leasing out his land for cell tower tenant. Professional help of a qualified expert such as a contract lawyer is very important for they will be able to examine and cross examine the agreement and put it in a better legal words which the courts can enforce. Considerations such as inflation and deflation should be made. As the value of money changes, the lease payable amounts should also change to cater for the prevailing economic conditions. The landlord should also be very cautious to lease his land for the most favourable terms and extentions should be generally avoided in totality as they can be very disappointing to landlords. Exclusion clauses should be minimised or removed in totality as they can be very unfavourable to landlords thus causing him monetary losses. You may also read further at  



Most cell lessors or tenants use the help of qualified professionals thus making them the best deals that there is. Every landlord should also then ensure that he utilises the help of a well qualified professional. There are firms that have made it their sole specialisation to assist landlords in the interpretation of cell phone tower leases and buyout agreements. Every land owner should get quality for leasing his land out. However, it is not hard to land into a bad and unfavourable deal.