Cell towers leases give landowners a great source of income. However, the landlords have insufficient information on the operation of the cell towers. For this reason, there are buyout companies that have vested interties in the same. These companies purchase the rights to the cell tower from the landlord. After buying the cell tower lease, the landlord has no income from the cell tower anymore. However, this is often offset by a lump sum that the buyout companies offer. The lump sum may cover years before the fill rights revert to the landowner. The buyout plan has often been rejected by cell tower tenants for a valid reason on their side. It must be stated that if you are to sell the cell tower lease to a buyout company, don't do it without involving a cell tower consultant. This is a technical contract that has legal and major implications concerning the use, responsibility, and income for the cell tower and your land.


When you sell the tower, you get some good lump sum. Landowners will consider the amount to be large though they do not have a clear picture. This is because they only consider the current tenancy and cannot see the incomes that can be generated in the coming years form the same cell tower. The buyout companies are tricky and will offer a less than the market value of the lease buyout.  For more information, you may also check


They will come with tricks to show you that the tenant is undergoing liquidation, merges or insolvent meaning that you future incomes are at stake if you don't sell the lease at With a lump sum offer at hand, landlords accept to sell the lease. Even if it is good to sell, you must know that you remain the free land downer. This means that you are responsible for paying the fees as per the requirement of the cell tower agreements. Without income, you might become reluctant to pay the fees though you must.


It is important to note that negotiations for change and modifications of the usage of the tower will be done by the tenant and new leaseholder. This will mean that you will be out of the game after selling the lease. This is why you must have a consultant to ensure that you get the best deal. It is possible that you will drop the pan to sell the lease after talking to the cell tower consultant at